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История Руси

But in the end Russia managed to integrate. And now the centre of the Russian state became Moscow mostly due to smart politics of Ivan Katila and other Moscow princes. In 1480 Russia managed to finally free hard from Mongol-Tatar Yoke which had lasted for 0 years. Ivan IV the Awesome (Ivan the Terrible) was a bright ruler. This tsar stood out by his cruelty and love of power. Once he killed his older son in anger. In the country history he also left a step. Ivan the Awesome divided the population on oprichnics and zemskiys.


история Руси

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Their religion hard was paganism. Russia became Christian in 988. Christianity acceptance in Russia is connected with the rule of Valdimir Sviatoslavich who had chosen it among the existing religions of that period. XI-xiii centuries are familiar as a period of feudal dissociation in Russia. Princes not wishing to share their power with anyone preferred to get in their possession less territory but to rule it themselves. Besides after the death of a prince his inheritance was shared among his sons. As a consequence the state was breaking up into smaller size princedoms. Later in xiii-XVI there was the centralization of Russia. This was complicated with Mongol-Tatar invasion. Mongol khans controlled the business of princes. Moreover khans stimulated conflicts between princes so that no to let their integration and strengthening.

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That is why the state was called Kiev Russia and was founded in 862. That year variag prince Riurik subordinating all Russian lands later was invited to rule in Novgorod. There are lots of versions why the state was called Rus. Some people consider that the word Rus formed from the name of the river Ros where Slavonic tribes polians lived. Other interesting version is that Rus comes from rusiy the way they call light-haired people here. Before the formation of Kiev Russia there lived several Slavonic peoples.

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Hlavn strana Videa, sledovn a vyhledvan vide, dnes nejsledovanj videa, chyba, nepodailo se nast zdroj. Dnes nejlpe hodnocen videa. Chyba, nepodailo se nast zdroj. Dnes nejdiskutovanj videa, chyba, nepodailo se nast zdroj. Nejoblbenj videa, chyba, nepodailo se nast zdroj. Nedvno pidan videa, chyba, nepodailo se nast zdroj. Show in Russian and English, show in Russian, show in English. Russia, no doubt, is a country with a rich history. There are many glorious and heroic events. Of course there are disputable moments too. Lets try to mention the main hotel stages in development of the Russian state and have a look at the brightest historical events. First the centre of Russia was a city Kiev which is now the capital of Ukraine.

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