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Переговоры о мире: Украина и Новороссия

Can you do these changes for Turkey and Northern Cyprus by copying the latest updates from the File:Time zones of Europe (Crimea disputed).svg except that Crimea must be colored totally in green, for these additional files below? See File:European Russia laea relief location map (with Crimea).jpg. Panam2014 ( talk ) :56, (UTC) The official flag of LNR has no coat of arms. Could you create an svg version of Official Donetsk People's Republic coat of g? As I recall, this option (with the letter "N 45 were sold on Aliexpress, so at least some widely. Wikimedia Commons only accepts free contentthat is, images and other media files that can be used by anyone, for any purpose. Nicolay Sidorov ( talk ) 19:08, (UTC) A barnstar for you! English: Welcome ventura to the Commons, Nicolay Sidorov! In june 2014 official flag of DNR was approved, but it was used seldom before august-september 2014. Nedvno pidan videa, chyba, nepodailo se nast zdroj.

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переговоры о мире: Украина и Новороссия

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svg-versions of this (coat of arms) and this (flag of DPR)?- Nicolay Sidorov ( talk ) 21:02, (UTC) The file has been restored. CategorizationBot ( talk ) 11:14, (UTC) Image:Russian Police car g was uncategorized on CategorizationBot ( talk ) 11:14, (UTC) Image:Russian Police car Tver (2).jpg was uncategorized on CategorizationBot ( talk ) 11:14, (UTC) Image:Northern Sudan states g was uncategorized on CategorizationBot ( talk ) 11:06. I've posted some of the photos I took at the event, if you have any you'd like to add to the pile, send them to me at: and I'll get them uploaded. The use of this flag outside of social networking never left. It is false COA. Panam2014 ( talk ) 16:46, (UTC) Hi 1) There are 2 flags of LNR: old - 1, modern -. Dnes nejdiskutovanj videa, chyba, nepodailo se nast zdroj. Nicolay Sidorov ( talk ) 17:59, (UTC) 09:44, (UTC) Ukraine edit Hi Have you got sources about LNR and DNR flags since February 2014 and the different changes. In these maps File:g File:g File:cplp g File:cplp g, Morocco and Western Sahara are one color. Thanks for uploading Image:USA.

  • Переговоры о мире: Украина и Новороссия
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