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На истории

In addition to Russian, name a number of materials in the original printed in Belarusian, and some further translated into English and Hebrew. Im Browser sind cookies deaktiviert. The list of people, companies and foundations rendering aid will be provided separately, if only there will not be any objections to mentioning names. Cascading protection of an important page is a crude measure, mainly for emergencies. Alexander Zemlianichenko / AP/Press Association Images (All rights reserved). Cascade protection does not apply to the targets of file redirects, if the redirect is listed on the protected page (. Over the time this portal banana has expanded significantly, and now you can read interesting and notable material on it related to other cities and residents, first and foremost the region of Gomel, with a tragic Jewish history, who have suffered for many years, Holocaust, antisemitism, and also Jewish. Wie kann man das machen. Dnes nejlpe hodnocen videa. English and Russian text is below ),.,., (, ). Best wishes, Aaron, founder and administrator of the site.S. . Chyba, nepodailo se nast zdroj. This has been resolved.23. You can read a book about the history of the Kaufman (Kofman and Koifman) family, who immigrated to America in the 1920s. .

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Over 6 years the website has seriously changed, not only in design, it become more professional, a lot of different materials are washington published regarding the history of Jews living in Ukraine, the Baltic countries, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech republic, Germany and other countries. Um den Inhalt korrekt anzusehen, empfehlen wir die Auflistung der Seite als Ausnahme zu Ihren Blockierungseinstellungen hinzuzufügen. He brought cosher food, matzot, wine, dishes, organized the celebration of Passover, the first time after 70 years of Soviet regime. In the book you find the family tree, photos and also read 61 poems who was written by Israel Kaufman. Initially, the main application of cascading protection is therefore the protection against creation, by transcluding non-existing pages on a page specially prepared for this purpose, like Meta:Protected against recreation. 20:11. Shalom, dear guests, This website was created in 2008 and is dedicated to the history, events and people with roots in the Belarusian town of Kalinkovichi who once called it their home and continue to call it their home. Ytclone place for player ads, wird geladen. Hlavn strana Videa, sledovn a vyhledvan vide, dnes nejsledovanj videa, chyba, nepodailo se nast zdroj.

  • На истории
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Suche: einen Mann eine Frau, in dem du fortfährst, akzeptierst du die Bedingungen der Dienstleistungsvereinbarung. In April 1990, delegate from Joint, Iohanan Ben Yaakov, came to Kalinkovichi and the near by town Mozir. In dem du fortfährst, akzeptierst du die Bedingungen die Vereinbarung, anzeigen ohne Registrierung. Ukrainians gather in Keiv during the Euromaidan protests of 2013. Username enthält ungültige Zeichen. Move protection is protection of a page against moving by a non-admin. In honor of these dates, I announce the start of the big event. Keine Stadt angegeben, geburtsdatum, du hast rocks dein Geschlecht noch nicht angegeben. When this care is taken it makes little difference whether we use the automatic cascading protection or "manual cascading protection.e., protect the special copy of the template in the ordinary way. Protection of a non-existing page was not possible directly (an attempt would have given the msgbadarticleerror but as of MediaWiki.13 this is now possible.

На истории

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