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Левитатор левитрон

A hall sensor provides feedback of the position of the levitating magnets by measuring the intensity of the magnetic field and the current to the coil is controlled to make levitation possible. The coil is made of 138m.4 mm wire with a laminated soft iron core from carlisle-heaven a transformer (the I cores) enhanced by permanent magnets on top of the coil. Building instructions for this levitron can be found here:. SS49e Hall Sensor von Honeywell, neodym Magnet, kupferlackdraht 0,4mm, 150m. Oder auch Anti-Gravitation, Levitron, Schwebender Magnet.

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Permanenter Link des Eintrags. Levitron, casero - DIY - Magnetic, levitron. How to make a homemade anti gravity toy. Levitron casero, observe el levitron casero.

Spulenkörper, levitator mit Arduino. Average current is 220 mA at 12 Volts. Quick and dirty Levitator Projekt with Arduino. The three magnets are.5 cm (1 inch) diameter N30 (or N42, I am not sure) neodymium magnets levitated.5 cm (1.77 inches) from the coil. Arduino Nano, l298N Motor Treiber für Arduino (mit 5V Regler onboard). The music is a song I composed back in 1996.

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