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Рога 2013

The village became a township in 60. 11 Industrial growth edit Alexander Pol discovered and initiated iron ore investigation and production, 12 13 and this in turn caused the formation of a mining district. 14 In 74 Alexander II initiated the founding project of a railway, 15 running 505 km. This enabled transportation right into the nearest factories and greatly sped up the development of the region. In 80, with 5 million francs of capital, Paul founded the "French Society of Kryvyi Rih Ores". In 82.4 airs thousand tons of ore were extracted from the outskirts by 150 workers. A centre of capitalism, the region was the greatest area of ore extraction in Russia, and the first underground mine of the basin began to function in 86. 16 A new branch of industry metallurgy was founded in 92, when the first blast furnace of Hdantsivka Ironworks was started. Olexander Paul studied in detail the iron ore and proved its commercial value Ore quarry in 99 Joltaia Reka Iron Mining Company share, 99 Poshtovaya Street about 1900 Krivoy Rog Mutual Credit Society Region map in 1914 The export of ore in Silesia soon began. 5 schools 17 and an aerial cableway were created in the town, and the development of the city attracted new people looking for a quick profit. The supply of mined ore far exceeded the demand, and so many mines completely suspended their work, while others had to reduce their workers and output by more than half. Workers did not have proper conditions, social security, or contracts, and they were prone to combinations of lung cancer, tuberculosis and asthma. Thousands of people who worked in the mines and the factories were left without employment. At the same time, the city began to develop the ideas of som and democracy.

рога 2013

Nationalization and investment spurred by Soviet authorities led to extensive growth. In 1934 Kryvorizhstal was built, the first of more than land 500 factories. The city also gave rise to the foundation of Kryvyi Rih National University. Financially, the city's growth after the Nazi occupation increased due to economic reforms. Also, investment spurred by Ukrainian Independence, market economy and the 2014 revolution led to extensive regeneration, particularly in the city centre. As of 2016 Kryvyi Rih is arguably the main steel-industry city of Eastern Europe, being a large globally important centre of the iron-ore mining and metallurgy region the Kryvbas. Its oblast economy is the third-largest in Ukraine. 5 Contents History edit Etymology edit The city was founded in the th century by Zaporozhian Cossacks. Kryvyi Rih in Ukrainian literally means Crooked Horn. According to local legend, the city was founded by a crooked ( Ukrainian slang for one-eyed) Cossack named Rih. 6 However, records pre-dating the existence of the city refer to the area by the same name, due to the shape of the landmass formed by the merging of the river Saksahan into the Inhulets. Early history edit Ingulets Palanka ( Zaporizhian Sich administrative division) was established in 1734, and a list of villages and winterings from that time mentions Kryvyi Rih. In 1770 7 the camp of Zaporizhian Sich was founded, 8 and four years later Johann Anton Güldenstädt visited the area and made its first scientific description. On May 8, 1775, after the end of the Russian-Turkish War, Russian authorities opened a postal station and track which linked Kremenchuk, Kinburn foreland and Ochakov, rimes all locations of the Imperial Russian Army. The station was tended by 5 cossacks. Kryvyi Rih entered the 00s as a village, 9 the largest industrial enterprises of the town being 3 water mills. The first original stone houses were built in 28, 10 and the highest building at the end of the 00s was the Central Synagogue, torn down in 1947.

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рога 2013

Kherson, although it was incorporated during the 20th century with areas. The township began to прохор expand "at an astonishing rate" at the beginning of the 80s. Kryvyi Rih's urbanization was unplanned; French and, english investment arrived due to a boom in metallurgy, iron mining and investigation of rich deposits of iron ore. The building of the Yekateryninska Railway in 84 scam built for transportation of ore to the Donbas transformed Kryvyi Rih into a major industrial town that culminated in city status in 1919.

рога 2013

The city was founded in the th century by Zaporozhian Cossacks. Kryvyi Rih in Ukrainian literally means Crooked Horn. According to local legend.

Dnipropetrovsk region of, ukraine ; it is the 8th most populous city in the country. 4, it lies within a large urban area, administratively incorporated with, kryvyi Rih Municipality as a city of region significance. It also serves as the administrative center of the district although it is not part. The city extends for 126 km from north to south. Saksahan and, inhulets river, Kryvyi Rih has been a major settlement for most of its history, going party back to its founding as a postal city in 1775 by the. A military settlement until 60, it formed part.

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