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Самые нелепые исторические факты

treaty in his pocket was decisive. Trump shouts, "America first." But we, the communists answer: "Proletarian internationalism- first! One can not save Russian imperialism, neither by means of the parliamentary or open way of fascism, nor by means of revisionism and social-fascism. And it is our duty to fight against the anti-communist propaganda of the Russian imperialists by all means - inclusively against the neo-revisionist propaganda of all hues. 1991 the "sot" mask of the imperialist Soviet Union was totally dropped and the open imperialist Russia continued to exploit and oppress the former peoples of the ussr - until today. We Stalinist-Hoxhaist comrades must fight against those neo-revisionists in Russia who hide their intention to re-construct Russian social-imperialism behind the mask of the re-construction of the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin. The work of the Bolsheviks was successful. 2 The Russian people today suffer under the fascist dictatorship of the monopolist rock bourgeoisie in our own country.Search results Sirius'

  • Самые нелепые исторические факты

As early as 19, individual troops refused obedience. The overall militarization of the Russian society is alarming, and the demagogical war propaganda misuses our Victory Day of May 9, 1945, namely exclusively in the interest of the Russian imperialists who justify their predatory war preparations as alleged "protection of the fatherland". Its doctrine, as the component of the doctrine of Marxism-Leninism, rock always will be our guiding star! Many workers were sent from their working place directly to the war-front.

They also invaded the французский barracks and called on the federico soldiers to help the workers in the struggle against the Czar. The first period is that in which the working class of Russia, together with all advanced, class-conscious and active peasants, supported not only by the petty bourgeoisie but also by the big bourgeoisie, swept away the monarchy in a few days. Our aim is not limited in the destruction of the fascist and corrupt state apparatus. Without this alliance, it were impossible to overthrow the Czar, and the February Revolution would not be successful. Long live the sot world revolution - the only way to save the world from capitalism, war and fascism! The main antagonistic contradiction in Russia is that between capital and labour.

самые нелепые исторические факты

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