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Отвечаю Где деньги?! о людях в лепешку

An he was a great man, she say, ceptn he started up the Ku Klux Klan after the war was over an even my grandmama say theys a bunch of no-goods. Which I would tend to agree with, cause down here, the Grand Exalted Pishposh, or whatever he calls hissef, he operate a gun store in town an once, when I was maybe twelve танцы year ole, I were walkin by there and lookin in the winder. When he seen me watchin, he done thowed it around his own neck an jerk it up like he was hanged an let his tongue stick out an all sos to scare. I done run off and hid in a parkin lot behin some cars til somebody call the police an they come an take me home to my mama. So whatever else ole General Forrest done, startin up that Klan thing was not a good ideaany idiot could tell you that. Nonetheless, thats how I got my name. My mama is a real fine person. My daddy, he got kilt just after Is born, so I never known him. He worked down to the docks as a longshoreman an one day a crane was takin a big net load золото of bananas off one of them United Fruit Company boats an somethin broke an the bananas fell down on my daddy an squashed him flat. One time I heard some men talkin bout the accidentsay it was a helluva mess, half ton of all them bananas an my daddy squished underneath. I dont care for bananas much myself, cept for banana puddin.

отвечаю Где деньги?! о людях в лепешку

What I poker shoulda done was raised Cain about the low wages, but instead, I took the damn dollar an all I could say was thanks or somethin dumb-soundin like that, an I went on down the street, waddin an unwaddin that dollar in my hand. You see what I mean? Now I know somethin bout idiots. Probly the only thing I do know bout, but I done read up on emall the way from that Doy-chee-eveskie guys idiot, to King Lears fool, an Faulkners idiot, Benjie, an even empty ole Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbirdnow he was a serious idiot. The one I like best tho is ole Lennie in Of Mice an Men. Mos of them writer fellers got it straightcause their idiots always smarter than people give em credit for. Hell, Id agree with that. When I was born, my mama name me Forrest, cause of General Nathan Bedford Forrest who fought in the Civil War. Mama always said we was kin to General Forrests fambly someways.

  • Отвечаю Где деньги?! о людях в лепешку

Probly, tho, Im тактика closer to bein a imbecile or maybe even a moron, but personally, Id rather think of mysef as like a halfwit, or somethinan not no idiotcause when people think of a idiot, moren likely they be thinkin of one of them Mongolian. Now Im slowIll grant you that, but Im probly a lot brighter than folks think, cause what goes on in my mind is a sight different than what folks see. For instance, I can think things pretty good, but when I got to try sayin or writin them, it kinda come out like jello or somethin.

Ill show you what I mean. The other day, Im walkin down the street an this man was out workin in his yard. Hed got hissef a bunch of shrubs to plant an he say кукловод to me, Forrest, you wanna earn some money? An I says, Uh-huh, an so he sets me to movin dirt. Damn near ten or twelve wheelbarrows of dirt, in the heat of the day, truckin it all over creation. When Im thru he reach in his pocket for a dollar.

Forrest gump BY winston groom. For Jimbo Meador and George Radcliff who have always made a point of being kind.

Bilingual books in English and Russian languages. For Jimbo Meador and George Radcliff who have always made a point of being kind to Forrest and his friends. There is a pleasure sure in being mad which none but madmen know. People laugh, lose patience, treat you shabby. Now they says folks sposed to be kind to the afflicted, but let me tell bonus youit aint always that way. Even so, I got no complaints, cause I reckon I done live a pretty interestin life, so to speak. I been a idiot since I was born. My IQ is near 70, which qualifies me, so they say.

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