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Престиж / 2006г.

If you will see few horses without their mane, it means that the photo was made in another stable after I sold this horse. Comments THE results OF crossing mares OF different breeds with akhalteke stallions Tito Pontecorvo December 9, 2016 генетики-пришельцы About the results of crossing mares belonging to different breeds of horses with purebred Akhal-Teke stallions I can say the following:. I used mainly for breeding with mares of different breeds in Russia the Akhalteke stallion Bedouin (Dornazarbek-Basil)1987, line Gelishikli and in America stallion Maruk (Munir-Ataka)1995,Aksakal line ; also there were used other Akhal-Teke stallion. The mares were from the following breeds Hanoverian, the Anglo-Hanoverian, Anglo-Trakehner, Anglo-Trotter, Thoroughbred, Terek, Arabic, Quarterhorse;. Conclusions from the analysis of the results of such interbreeding are the Akhalteke blood is dominant and when we bred warmblood mares, their foals were different and much better quality than their mothers in the type and exterior and had a lot of similarities with. My conclusionsfrom the results ofcross-breedingof thoroughbredEnglish, Arabic based ona comprehensive analysis of foalsbornfromthese crossingswithin 15years. There wereanalyzed more than150 foals, which is amplestatistical materialfor the determination ofthe main partsof the exterior, constituation, type andothercharacteristics ofthosehalf-bloodedhorses. T.Pontecorvo, PhD, 2012 Comments explanations from the book Tito Pontecorvo December 9, 2016 explanation about the information under each horse photo and in what order it is print : - name of the horse-father-mother-year of birth- line to which the horse belongs. Example: Stallion Gavr (Amanat-Gumri) 2003, Kaplan line. This information can be printed in 1 line or in 2 lines one under other. In this book there are some photos which do not contain the full information about the horse.

престиж / 2006г.

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These results, due to the rather large number of horses, are statistically valid and брюса therefore reliable. For example, the opinion of their excellent ability for jumping is based on information received from training more than 200 young Akhalteke horses in the shpringarten. I did not allow to cut the manes and forelocks of my Akhalteke horses because of the fact that most of these horses have a thin mane and do not have forelocks, which creates their original and uncommon look and differentiates them from horses. Better to not argue about tastes, but I, personally, покер like the unusual look of the Akhalteke horses which is connected with their rare manes and the absence of forelocks. By the way, in the Akhalteke breed shows the judges lower the score for the type if the horse has a thick mane and a long forelock. I hope this book will be interesting and informative for many breeders from the International Akhalteke community, and that the photos of beautiful Akhalteke horses will bring joy to a lot of horse lovers. All photos of horses in this book are taken of horses which were bred and born in my stud farms in the United States and Russia. Unfortunately, I do not have the photos of many other of my horses. I never did cut the mane of my horses.

  • Престиж / 2006г.

престиж / 2006г.

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Akhalteke horses are universal, unlike many other breeds of horses, and often the same individual horse can successfully participate in a variety of classic equestrian sports the reason of the opportunity of their universal use in all kinds of classical equestrian sports, is because. With the condition of the right way of training and taking into account the individual characteristics of each individual horse, the Akhalteke horses are trained much faster than other horses who belong to the traditional sportive breeds. Akhalteke horses are very good for participating in a 3 day event sport because they have great advantages in comparing with other breeds which are endurance, elegant and productive movements, and they are good jumpers. As far as I know, no other breed of horses in the world does have all this positive peculiarities with the condition that they can exist all together in one horse. In addition, I must say about the amazing and aristocratic beauty of these horses what is correlated with some details of their type and anatomy which are: rare mane and tail, nearly no forelock, projecting bone above the eye covered ангел-хранитель with thin skin, long and. These are my opinions which are not formed in a vacuum, but on the basis of my many years of practical experience with a large amount of Akhalteke horses.

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(Montreal Velvet (Montreal Radiotochka Montreal (Montreal Radiotochka Montreal (Montreal Super. Stallion кукловоды Gerald(Arim-Gekla) 2006 61, 214, 215, 2, 222, 8, 250, 251.

Prestige of the Akhalteke horses and ways of its improvement.15. About the downright correlation between the genetic diversity and the diversity of different lines in the Akhalteke breed and the possibility of using these ties in a more well grounded selection of pairs in breeding.27. Akhalteke horses born in my farms in the United States and Russia were champions of Russia in breeding shows, and winners in many highest ranking prestigious 3 day event competitions in the United States, Russia, Canada and Mexico. I was repeatedly invited to judge the Akhalteke horses in the breeding shows in different countries. My articles were published in various journals and are about breeding and training the Akhalteke horses, using in training the shpringarten s and other. Briefly, here are some conclusions based on the results of my 36 years working with horses of the Akhalteke breed. First of all, when I saw some Akhalteke horses for the first time, I was struck because of their original and unusual anatomy and bright style. As I was increasing the number of Akhalteke horses in my herd, and was comparing them with the horses who belong to the other known in the world breeds, I came to the following conclusions: Akhalteke horses have a very strong frame and rarely get. Mares easily get pregnant problems with that are rare. It is easy to break the young horses. The rumor that Ahaltekes are stubborn, can be aggressive, have bad health, are not strong enough and do not have the stamina to participate in classical equestrian sports, and similar statements do not correspond with the reality and give false information.

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